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Sale of model railways and accessories, layout planning, digitization and much more

Regardless of whether you are converting your vehicles, planning your system or a starter set to get you started in the "railroad sense". You are in good hands with us.

Model railway repair service

Do you have a technical problem with one of your model railway locomotives or just want to have your model railway serviced? Then contact our repair service in Altötting directly. We repair and maintain model railway locomotives, wagons and accessories from gauge Z to gauge 1 from all well-known brand manufacturers such as Märklin, Trix, LGB, Brawa, Roco, Fleischmann, Piko, Arnold, Liliput, Hobbytrain, Tillig and many more.

We exchange engines, clean your locomotives, exchange wear parts and carry out further repairs directly in our own workshop by trained specialists. The repair time is only a few working days. In "special cases" we also work directly with the manufacturers' workshops or other specialized workshops.

You will usually receive a cost estimate from us, which we will then discuss with you. We pass on guarantee cases to the respective manufacturer.

Digital conversion

An analog model railway can be transferred into the digital age. Gone with the simultaneous control of only one locomotive or the not prototypical acceleration and deceleration as well as the tangle of blue and brown strands that lead to a battery of control panels.

In principle, it is not a problem to convert older locomotives from analog operation to digital control. This applies to both two-conductor direct current model railways and Märklin's single-conductor alternating current system. A requirement is the retrofitting of a decoder, for example from Märklin or ESU. Depending on the locomotive, there are also controllable functions such as smoke generators, signal tones, lights and digitally switchable couplings.

We digitize your analog model railroad, install smoke generators for locomotives and lighting for your cars, replace outdated electronics and install high-performance drives from well-known manufacturers. We carry out the conversions quickly and competently in our own service workshop.

Model railway spare parts

For repair, maintenance and value retention, we have a large number of spare parts in all track sizes from all well-known brand manufacturers in stock. We will get you special replacement components promptly directly from the manufacturer.

Due to our more than 30 years of activity, we have a large number of spare parts that are often no longer available on the market. Visit us in our specialist shop in Altötting. We are happy to help.

All brands, for all tracks, for every requirement - no problem!

We carry products from all common manufacturers and traces in our range. From the scale 1: 220 Z gauge up to 1: 22.5 gauge G. Doesn't work, doesn't exist! What is not in stock is ordered. Short, competent and fast!

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